My name is Rafal Zaborowski I am a Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In my research I look at media audiences, focusing especially on the role played by sound and music in people's everyday lives. I am also interested in the issues of voice and media framing of crises. I teach media audiences, qualitative methodology, media and development as well as media and the Global South.

You can contact me on Twitter via @myredtowel
or through my email: r.zaborowski at lse.ac.uk

Updates Winter/Spring 2016:

My post about music videos and regulation is now featured on the Parenting for Digital Future blog. I analyse recent developments in music videos regulation in the UK and argue for a more nuanced account of music, its elements and their interpretations.

I published a chapter on listening to Hatsune Miku and Japanese virtual idols in The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality. In the chapter I sketch a brief history of singing holograms and place it within the Japanese social context. Then I empirically compare Japanese vocaloid fans and pop idol fans, discussing issues of authenticity and reality. The whole book is highly interesting - interdisciplinary and filling a number of gaps in literature on music, media, virtuality and performance.

I edited a special issue of Networking Knowledge on new approaches to music audience research. It took me quite a while from start to finish; who knew that editors had it tough? Very happy with the issue in the end - a fine collection of innovative music audience research. In addition to the Introduction, the issue also includes my interview with Martin Barker.