My name is Rafal Zaborowski I am a Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In my research I look at media audiences, focusing especially on the role played by sound and music in people's everyday lives. I am also interested in the issues of voice and media framing of crises. I teach media audiences, qualitative and quantitative methodology, media and development as well as media and the Global South.

You can contact me on Twitter via @myredtowel
or through my email: r.zaborowski at lse.ac.uk

Updates Summer/Fall 2017:

Our final report for the Media and Migration project is finally online, as well as other related publications and media appearances. The content analysis part is finished but the project continues.

Busy times, finishing my book on music generations and a couple of articles. In between watching Rick and Morty and reading the new Thrawn novel.